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"What a refreshing sweet mag... the only one I read cover to cover. If it's possible for a mag to have an ambience, yours would be an organic coffee shop, lending library, food co-op that's just around the corner with local art on the walls and local honey on the shelves and toys in the corner."

— Jane, Dallas, TX

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Please note: Publication of The Polishing Stone has been suspended indefinitely. Back issues will continue to be available from this site. (More info)

Refining the life you live into the life you love

Thank You...

We appreciate your interest in writing for The Polishing Stone, and look forward to reading your contribution. These guidelines will help you to become familiar with our style and content, as does becoming a regular reader of our magazine.

Mission: Our mission is to encourage living closer to the earth, community and oneself.

Concept: Our magazine is an ad-free publication about mindful, sustainable living, with the idea that we are creating our lives and our world, choice by choice. We have regular sections on environmental products / processes / services, organic cooking, plants and herbs, earth-friendly gardening, artisan work, "green" home remodeling, natural health, parenting, spirituality, and social and environmental issues. The Polishing Stone is published quarterly.

Approach: Our focus is to take small steps, and to let those steps lead us into a healthier life. The issues we cover are serious, but we lean towards hopefulness about possibilities and opportunities for healing.

Tone: Facts and figures help provide an accurate assessment of a situation, but should not overshadow the offering of solutions and inspiration. Humor is welcome, as are the raw edges that brushes with reality can bring. In a world where reporting has become synonymous with shock tactics, speaking from the heart is an effective tool for change.

Our Readership: Our readers range from those new to environmental issues to dedicated environmentalists. They share a need for an accurate recap of the situation, and straightforward solutions - dished out with as light a hand as possible.

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Types of Articles:

(1200-1600 words) We run 1-2 features per issue, across all departments. They include personal essays, interviews, and traditional journalism.

  • Personal Essays: We appreciate essays with a personal voice, illustrative anecdotes, and a down-to-earth and hopeful tone.
  • Interviews: These are often written in a journalistic style or a Q & A format.
  • Traditional Journalism: A traditional feature relies more heavily on reporting than on personal reflection. Nevertheless, the overall tone should still be accessible and interesting to readers with varying experience of the topic.

Shorter articles and minis: (300-800 words) - Found in all of our departments.

Book / Film Reviews: (250 words for mini-reviews; Up to 500 words for longer and multi-book reviews). We welcome information about books and movies of inspiration.

Poetry: (up to 200 words) Poems of personal revelation. We seek words of reflection, poignancy, humor, and hope.

Quick Thoughts: (up to 300 words) Your musings can redirect the course of the moment, or alter the path of the future.

Quotes: We always appreciate inspiring quotes. Please pass on your favorites.

Before Submission: Be sure to double-check all facts, making certain that they are accurate and up-to-date, including but not limited to proper names, website addresses and any numbers.

  • We use the Associated Press Stylebook as our model for proper capitalization, number and date formats, etc.
  • Please use only one space between sentences in your manuscript.

When submitting your article, please include:

  • Byline: Include your name, as you would like to see it in print.
  • Bio of one or two sentences printed at the end of your article. In these times, credentials are important, but we recognize relevant life experience and whimsy as beneficial additions to your biographical sketch.
  • Approximate word count of your story.
  • Contact information: name, address, phone, email.

Unsolicited Submissions: If you have an idea for an article, please send a query via e-mail with "submission query" as the subject to

For completed manuscripts, either email your article in a Word document or directly into an e-mail or send your single-spaced typed manuscript with a cover letter to:
The Polishing Stone
20104 87th St. SE
Snohomish, WA 98290

Include an SASE if you would like our reply and /or your manuscript back. Our goal is a two-month turnaround. Note: E-mail submissions are preferred.

Payment: As an ad-free, nonprofit magazine, our payments are modest and depend on length and the amount of editing required. We pay writers' fees the week following publication of the issue and include a complementary copy of the issue in which the article was printed. We buy first North American rights. Important: We do not accept reprints.

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Departments: We have ten regular departments. Please see What's Inside for more information.

Current Needs: We are looking for articles in the following departments:

  • Treading Lightly: hands-on "green" building techniques and products and solar energy
  • In Community: experiences with developing or living in a co-housing community or other community-building topics.
  • Life out Loud: positive educational experiences in programs such as Waldorf or magnet schools
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