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"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present."

— Babatunde Olatunji

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Refining the life you live into the life you love has
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    Complete Set of Print Back Issues: #1 - 18 (non-U.S. shipping)
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    Individual Back Issues:
Online    #19 - Spring 2008 In Bloom (available in paperless PDF format only)
    Print   Online    #18 - Winter 2007 Inner Embrace
    Print   Online    #17 - Fall 2007 Self Portrait
    Print   Online    #16 - Summer 2007 Salute the Sun
    Print   Online    #15 - Spring 2007 On Common Ground
    Print   Online    #14 - December 2006 Built to Last
    Print   Online    #13 - September 2006 Stress Less
    Print   Online    #12 - July 2006 Mosaic of Movement
    Print   Online    #11 - April 2006 Take Me Off Your List
    Print   Online    #10 - February 2006 A Clean Slate
    Print   Online    #9 - December 2005 Sing It Out
    Print   Online    #8 - September 2005 Eye of the Storm
    Print   Online    #7 - July 2005 The Shame Game
    Print   Online    #6 - July 2005 Welcome to the World
    Print   Online    #5 - February 2005 Time for Compassion
    Print   Online    #4 - December 2004 Enough is Enough
    Print   Online    #3 - September 2004 We the People
    Print   Online    #2 - July 2004 Worth its Weight        
    Print   Online    #1 - April 2004 Take the Leap

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