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"I cannot believe that the inscrutable universe turns on an axis of suffering; surely the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest on pure joy!"

— Louise Bogan

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Your dedication to your people and to the communities you serve is clear — how about an extra opportunity to shine? Sponsoring an edition of The Polishing Stone magazine is a creative way to highlight your support of a healthier world. Better business goes hand-in-hand with contributing to the well-being of your employees, members, clients and community. As a sponsor, you can offer your community our Partner Rate: a gift opportunity they'll continue to appreciate - every day. The Polishing Stone is brimming with personal stories of inspiration and great ideas for enhancing the quality of our lives, with the added benefit of treading lightly on the earth.

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Partner Rate:
Subscriptions $12.00 each — Individual Magazine Issues $3.00 each

The many benefits of Sponsorship of The Polishing Stone magazine:

Increase your Visibility: We'll announce your sponsorship in our quarterly print magazine, The Polishing Stone, and on the homepage of our website. We'll also feature your organization in our monthly E-newsletter, Stepping Stones.

Benefit your Bottom Line: Your sponsorship is a tax-deductible contribution.

Demonstrate your Dedication: It can be hard to balance the needs of your business and the health of your people and our planet. Sponsorship of The Polishing Stone benefits both — further evidence of your dedication to your community and our quality of life.

Please your People: The Polishing Stone is ideal for a broad range of folk, because it shares life-enhancing information with an inclusive, positive tone — free of judgment, full of hope.

Improve Productivity: The Polishing Stone delivers a steady stream of practical tools and inspiration to increase wellbeing — envision the energy you could generate!

Enhance your Benefit Package: As a Sponsor, and you can offer your community access to personal inspiration and affordable gifts of caring with our Partner Rate.

Support a healthier world —
gain the appreciation of a healthier community...

Contact Us:
For more information about our Stone Sponsorship Program, contact Director/Publisher Kylie Loynd at 360.862.8369 or

Support for our Spring Issue came
from these Sponsors:

Stone Sponsors

Could you be a Stone Sponser?

Community Sponsors

Ruby Sponsors

Snohomish, Washington:
Yoga Circle Studio: Owner and senior instructor Karen Guzak: "My approach works to integrate and build flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and stress reduction - it is non-competitive and helps deepen one's sense of well-being - all within a spirit of grace and humor, and in service to a greater good." Guzak is a painter, printmaker and public artist, as well as a yoga teacher. She started seriously practicing yoga just before her 50th birthday, and continues to explore and learn with several master teachers, especially with Aadil Palkhivala., 360.568.1000

Topaz Sponsors

Goldbar, WA:
My Enthios:

Monroe, WA:
New Spirit Journal: A print and online publication whose mission is to help create abundance in relationships, finances, health, career and spiritual life., 425.356.7237

Susanne Wichert, M.A., L.M.H.C, one of a group of independent practioners at Valley Counseling: Susanne's work history includes early childhood education and social work. She's also the author of a book called Keeping the Peace: Practicing Conflict Resolution with Preschoolers. Presently, Susanne continues a 12-year private practice as a psychotherapist in Monroe, Washington, where she works with children, adults and couples. She balances this with her other career as an artist and a parental unit to three children, one of whom has special needs:, 360.794.1951

Seattle, WA:
One Earth One Design: is a Sustainable Lifestyle Store which provides Interior Design Services and Home Furnishings, Accessories, and Building Materials. Owner and Interior Designer Sandy Campbell has 18 years of experience in both commercial and residential design. Ten years ago Ms. Campbell refined her focus to sustainable design and materials. The store is a cumulative result of her knowledge of environmentally responsible products and services gathered over the past ten years., 206.418.8120

Quotha Creations: Quotha Creations is about fine handwoven fabrics. I make everything from rugs and yoga mats to kitchen towels and scarves. The philosophy behind my work is that I want everything we use to be beautiful. If the everyday tools we use are beautiful as well as functional I believe it's easier for each of us to act from the depth of our own meaning. If the things we use are invested with significance they help lend significance to everything we do. You can get a glimpse at

Seattle Natural Health: Practioners Dr. David Ramaley and Dr. Laurie McQuaig believe in the body's ability to heal itself. They offer Chiropractic and Naturopathic care through a system of Applied Kinesiology, in a partnership with their clients, who share in the responsibility of improving their health. Naturopathy addresses the biochemical and nutritional needs of bodies, through the use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, detoxification programs, lifestyle and dietary counseling. Chiropractic treatment addresses communication between the body and the brain through adjustments, rehabilitation and the use of physical therapy modalities. Physiological change in the nervous system regulates muscle tone, movement and all functions of the body., 206.306.7797

Snohomish, WA:
Kristy's Cuisine: is a complete in-home speciality chef service for dinners and parties. Owner and chef Kristy plans, shops, prepares, serves and cleans up...all in your home, specializing in organic food and locally grown products., 425-923-0579

Past Sponsors

Jade Sponsors
Yoga Circle Studio:

Onyx Sponsors
Northwest Publishing Center:

Topaz Sponsors
Eden Organic Salon:
New Spirit Journal:
Susanne Wichert, M.A., L.M.H.C,
Seattle Natural Health:
The Health Spot: 360.568.6303
Pilchuck Audubon Society:

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