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  Back Issues

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Our readers speak their minds ...

The first magazine that has touched my heart. More important than the actual articles is your mission and the light of hope you offer. This magazine cries out to its readers, "I care for you. I will show you the way." Thank you so much. Keep it up. This job is special...
Sheena, New Delhi, India

I know that sometimes it feels like the Internet takes over all, but there isn't better pleasure than holding a quality printing in your hands and enjoying interesting materials. I was so thrilled when I read my first issue that I ordered all the back issues right away. I really enjoy the down to earth approach, sensible information, recipes, insights and reflections in your magazine. It's incredibly refreshing, it gives me hope and ideas in today's monopolized world. I read many different print publications and your gets read cover to cover. You are doing the most wonderful job!
Alina, Snohomish, WA

A wonderful publication — creative, healing, and intelligent!
Kathleen, Leola, PA

You're a one of a kind — fabulous publication, educating how to live respectfully in this world. I keep all your issues for future reference.
Barbara , Encinitas, CA

I am really looking forward to applying more of your articles to my life now that we are finally settled and done moving for a while! Thanks for all your work in putting together a great publication!!
Dana, Traverse City MI

As Kylie so movingly wrote, [the magazine] A Real Life was an ode to love, wisdom, and powerful dedication to seeking the truth of how to live life with a sense of connection, awareness, and responsibility. The Polishing Stone carries on this path of living the truth that heals us and our relationship to our planet, and everyone and everything on it. Thank you!
Barbara, Menomonie, WI

I so enjoy every word of The Polishing Stone. Thanks so much. Please continue the great work.
Julie, Placerville, CA

What a refreshing sweet mag... the only one I read cover to cover. If it's possible for a mag to have an ambience, yours would be an organic coffee shop, lending library, food co-op that's just around the corner with local art on the walls and local honey on the shelves and toys in the corner.
Jane, Dallas, TX

Thanks for a thoughtful, honest, alternative publication. Keep up the good work!
Maria, Loveland, CO

I am over 80 and enjoy re-reading your issues. So I three-hole punch them and keep them in a notebook. Thank you...
Carol, Marlborough, CT

I was going to let all magazines run out — paper... However, when I read the latest issue, it was like a breath of fresh air! I wish I could just chat with you on the phone or have you over for tea. I read the lead article, "On Common Ground." I just had to share it with my boys, who are teens, and their friends. So the music was turned down, and I read. I want to remind them especially that they need not see any other view as an attack on our/their values! We need those differences to create an even better way. The other visualization I have is of you all doing "high fives" because an envelope's decoration is far from representing your philosophies. I thought I was the only one who felt like that. So here's hoping you three are "high fiving" because you have touched another human — me — so very deeply. Keep it up!
Becky, Monroe, NH

Your magazine is wonderful. I sent copies to several friends, children, and grandchildren about cell phone protection. I'm also looking forward to reading about No-till Gardening in the spring. The quotes are great too! I'm very grateful to the entire staff for the fine work you do and that you do it on recycled paper! Best wishes for a year in which we all experience the job of working towards true justice for all life on earth, without which there can be no peace.
Sylvia, Rochester, NY

I received issue 15 in the mail today — what a great issue! I loved Lisa Romero's essay, "The Big Turn-Off," and enjoyed both biking articles as well as your discussion of water bottles. I can't wait to read the rest! I am so pleased to be in such great company — you make it easy to "show off" The Polishing Stone to my friends.
Lisa, West Henrietta, NY

Your introductory issue made me an immediate convert. Despite my overall schedule, I'll look forward to squeezing in time to read such articles as: "Gaviotas," "Cell Phones on the Brain," "A Simple Indian Meal" and "No-till Tricks". Thank you.
Arlene, Chicago, IL

Thank you for your refreshing publications. I was expecting something on the order of Unity. Thank you for articles written clearly and without complication. I especially enjoyed and identified with "Ceasing Self Sabotage" by Alexa Robbins. Am looking forward to referring to several articles for future reminders during complicated times. And NO ADVERTISEMENTS to wade though — WOW!
Carol, Kankakee, IL

I finished the new issue of Polishing Stone with my evening meal — great, as usual. My only comment is, your "Independent Media" editorial (back cover, issue #12 / Summer 2006) is so good and timely that it should go on the first page! Though my educational and work background had focused mainly on mental health counseling, when I moved here in my 65th year, I began writing for a local daily. And I finally quit because of censorship. So I do deeply appreciate your editorial stance. Although Polishing Stone is not political in the overt sense, as you say, I experience it as a deeply political publication, in the best sense of the word.
Joyce, Stoneham, ME

This is such a worthwhile and informative magazine… Thank you for devoting your passions and energy to the global issues your magazine addresses and thank you for your good stewardship of such a fine publication. I'm really looking forward to having the complete set of issues and do so appreciate having found your publication.
Donna, Astoria, NY

It was a blessing to receive your magazine. Everything in it was of interest to me. I was so refreshed to read the thoughtful words of men and women who share my love of Earth, Spirit and Balance. I learned so much with one Polishing Stone — I can't wait to read more.
Nickie, Minneapolis, MN

I just got my first issue of The Polishing Stone tonight (April 2006). It is WAY past my bedtime and I just could not put it down. From the "Take Me Off Your List!" article by Kylie all the way to the "Married - with Arguments" article by Marie Richmond, I could not stop reading, and I could not rest until I wrote you. I feel as though I have met a whole group of new friends, who think the way I do, and who talk the way I talk. I am still smiling. I want to send subscriptions to all of my intelligent female friends. This is the first time I have felt this way about a "magazine" - we need a better word for The Polishing Stone than magazine.

Thank you all so very much - the authors, the editors, and everyone who has had a part in this gem of a publication. Kylie, your introductory article had me hooked from the beginning with its honesty, helpfulness and directness. I just kept reading and couldn't stop. I also love that you publish websites for additional information. I love the nice paper you use. (It will last.) I love that there are no advertisements. I love the readable writing style in the publication. You made me smile - even laugh out loud - and you made me think. I think I should start a fan club.

I will be subscribing and also sending in addresses for my physicians' offices to get trial copies. I will be leaving my own copies in physicians' offices, in the gym and in the ladies' room at work. Don't be surprised if subscriptions from northeast Ohio start to come in by the truckload.
Renee, University Heights, OH

I have hardly put your magazine down since receiving it. Seems like I have found a "mutual spirit" — a "soul mate" again. Each article is interesting and special. Several times in the past I have had similar publications (Mother Earth News: changed too much; A Real Life: publisher Barbara McNally stopped publishing; and Homesteading News: stopped publishing). Each time I read The Polishing Stone it's like a ‘breath of fresh air' in our crazy, hectic lifestyles. So I look forward to reading your work for a long time! I want to order the complete set of back issues as well.
Mary Ann, Moreland, GA

You put out such a little gem of a magazine! It's my mealtime reading. Mostly I can't read Mother Jones or sometimes even Ode when I eat — gives me a stomach ache! I need to know the grim truths but most of the stuff is too painful to digest w/ food. I really appreciate the flavor of The Polishing Stone.
Joyce, ME

I'm a dedicated reader of your magazine. Thanks for the inspiration to stay on a better path for living.
Kathryn, Ithaca, NY

I just read my second edition of The Polishing Stone and really applaud your efforts and results. I run a Wellness program for Illinois Wesleyan University in Central, IL and have been working diligently to promote education around a more integrated approach to health, healing and the environment. I feel that your publication is a stepping-stone to assist with the efforts that many of us our striving for, especially with regard to sustainable living. So thank you!
M Smock, IL

I have your newsletter in the waiting room of my acupuncture office. It's the publication people most often ask to borrow — and they always bring it back!
(I also have Body & Soul, Organic Style, Utne, Oprah, Dr. Weil's Self-Healing subscriptions.) Thanks for the work you do.
J Linden, ME

Thank you so much for your vision & your efforts to make The Polishing Stone available. For years I received a somewhat similar publication called A Real Life, edited and mostly written by Barbara McNally. When she stopped publishing to focus on writing a book, there was a great hole created in my personal information network. Your newsletter has arrived appearing for all the world like a child of A Real Life and I sense from reading my first issue that the tear in my info network is now being repaired, lovingly and skillfully. You are doing a much need service and you and all who help you have my gratitude and support.
Barbara, Menomonie, WI

I look forward to receiving The Polishing Stone. To me, it is inspiring, encouraging, rewarding. Thank you for "taking the leap" and for encouraging me to take at least a few steps, if not a leap also now and then. The next issue seems to arrive just when I need it. Many thanks...
D Brooks, TX

It's a refreshing and helpful magazine that helps me step closer to the life I envision w/in the whirlwind I currently live.
S. Moore, VA

I loved your editorial, "Enough is Enough" — it speaks volumes to the issues of women and mothers — and I applaud your forthright and insightful voice. Sing it Loud!
S. McDonald, WI

I picked up your magazine the other day from the East West Bookshop and couldn't put it down until I finished every word. I found out that I have celiac disease and I was inspired when I read ("Free of Wheat": Issue #5). This is one of the most soulful and heartfelt magazines I have ever come across.
S. Mordue, WA

I have really been enjoying your magazine. I believe your hard work is really worth it. You have created and continue to create interesting, insightful and honest information, which I really enjoy! I will pass your magazine along to friends at Haleakala Waldorf School, where your articles will be enjoyed and savored.
C. d'Amelio, HI

The Polishing Stone is very meaningful. It's not crammed with ads that control the printing. It doesn't give answers or a tone that figures you should have known better. I really enjoy reading your blurbs about raising children and your struggles with mothering brilliant children. I don't have children, but it's interesting to me because it is honest, rather than giving an answer or a "what to do if your child says this." It's also enlightening without an "airy-fairy" tone.
J. Richert, WA

I wanted to tell you that you have converted my cleaning habits!!! I read the latest "Polishing Stone" (Issue #3) and went to PCC (where I saw your magazine) to get a large bottle of vinegar and essential oil and cleaned my whole house and I am now completely sold on the idea. I enjoyed many of the articles in this issue and have picked it up several times to show friends. Good work!
B. Stocker, WA

Blessings on you and your efforts. I haven't read such clear sanity and sweetness since the early days of Mother Earth News.
B. Kohlmeyer, WA

Yet another AMAZING magazine issue. I am so impressed and compelled to continue to pass the word on to others about this magazine. The Polishing Stone ought to be sold everywhere — to everyone, to inspire, inform and keep everyone aware of what our earth and her belongings have to offer us in our daily living.
C. Larson, WA

This venture seems vital to the progression of better things upon the earth plane.
E. McMann, CO

I took time yesterday to sit down with your magazine and read it from cover to cover. It was excellent! I look forward to the next publication. Everything in there was of interest to me, and I felt lighter after reading it all.
V. Ghosthorse, WA

The magazine is interesting and folksy, full of common sense and low tech solutions. We need more of both in this country. First thing we need is a new "regime" but second to that is lots of small scale, low tech, neighborhood based solutions. Right now I am consumed at working towards achieving the former.
C. Adler, NM

I got my first copy of The Polishing Stone and I love it! I just subscribed for more issues. Best wishes in your ventures. You're off to a good start.
K. Groff, CT

What a lot of good stuff! I woke up with a sore throat this morning and remembered the gargle recipe. I was actually hoping it wouldn't work, because it's such a nasty concoction, but I tried it anyway, and it really did help. P.S. I've been carrying canvas bags around in my car for years, and every now and then I even remember to actually take one into the store with me.
S. Evans, WA

Grabbed the new issue to scan before I took a nap (my essential luxury on a Sunday afternoon). Loved your editorial comment about the skin care product. Took a nap with a smile on my face, skin damage, laugh lines and all…
K. Sager, CA

Good start. Great title. Very attractive layout. Inviting. Pleasantly diverse. (No ads may come around to haunt you, but I guess Whole Earth Review pulled it off.) What an education this is going to be…
S. Sea, AZ

I am grateful that there are no ads. I usually tear out the ads from most mags before I start to read and never look at them anyway. I have passed your magazine around to friends and they all like it.
J. Heskett, IN

I've been stealing a few minutes here and there to read it. It is a work of art! You have given birth to something wonderful. Congratulations!
T. Ybarra, WA

May I say...Bravo!

Like any magazine I might read, there are articles of interest to me, and those of none. However, I read each article, regardless of headline, because my bias would surely cause me to miss something. I was right. While I have no immediate plans to garden or build a sanctuary, your articles reminded me of what a wasteful society we have become, and how little things can make a big difference.

Your "smaller lawns" article smacked me in the face. I often grumble about my front yard (rock and desert and "other" plants), mainly because of all of the crap that gets trapped in the rocks. While I do have a yard crew come every two weeks, the wind and crap seems to blow in 10 minutes after their truck pulls away. My neighbors on either side have beautiful, lush grassy front yards, as does the neighbor across the street. Needless to say, your article squashed the last fleeting desire to yank the rock and plant grass.

I also found the "Spring Cleaning" and "Head it Off" articles very enlightening. As a sufferer of varying degree to each of these conditions, I don't like to take traditional Western meds, and do so only when I feel like I have to. Two more sensible, healthy ways to tackle that which we have brought on ourselves. Thank you.

You have a wonderful publication. I look forward to your next edition. My only bit of advice... make sure you continue to have fun doing it.
G. Loynd *, AZ
      * Yes, he's my brother, but he's my big brother and I simply have to print this!

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