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"The idea that life's really important and far-reaching changes come "from the bottom upwards" no longer seem to us romantic
or overly optimistic
at all."

— Laurel Robertson

Refining the life you live into the life you love has never been easier to share ...

The Polishing Stone is an independent press ad-free and nonprofit. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to:

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  • Share practical ideas to enhance our quality of life and care for our world
  • Investigate critical issues such as alternative energy, with an eye toward simple-steps solutions
  • Develop informational programs through public radio, community newspapers and educational projects with our young people
  • Reach out to find others who are in need of a great source of information and inspiration
  • Remain a safe-haven from the bombardment of consumer advertising
  • Help protect our forests supporting the use of tree-free kenaf paper

Thank you for continuing to make this magazine a reality.

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