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When I discovered The Polishing Stone at my local food co-op, I was immediately riveted by the practical, solution-oriented articles. Finally, I had found a magazine that gave me the tools I needed to start making positive choices in my life — one that didn’t talk over my head or leave me desolate and in tears. I was already making small changes, but often after researching the topics further, more questions came up that I couldn't answer on my own. I longed to connect with others who were also walking this path of creating a better life — to share ideas, brainstorm and exchange tips.

Two years later, I find myself working at the heart of the team that creates The Polishing Stone. And at the suggestion of one of our advisors, Dave Ward, I am taking that vision of community a step further and building it right here in our neighborhood, Snohomish, Washington. This is where our new program, Community Connections, was born. (read more)

Upcoming Events

Tuesday February 19th, 2008 6-8pm
Wired and Unplugged: 717 First Street, Snohomish, WA

Reducing Toxins in our Households and Watersheds
Join us as we welcome Stef Frenzl, a Marine Resource Steward in the Puget Sound area, for an evening of discussion to explore minimizing toxins in our homes and watersheds. Stef will present great resources to help us discover what toxins may be present in our common household products, good ways to find alternatives, and how to safely dispose of the toxins we do use.

Suggested Entrance Fee: Donation of gently used materials for creative recycling: books, CDs, DVDs and software for our Eco-Encore Program (Read more).

Past Events:

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008, 6-8 pm,
Wired and Unplugged, 717 First Street Snohomish, 360.568.2472.

Community Connections! Shaping Snohomish for Greater Community
Guest Speaker: Kristin Kelly, Futurewise: Snohomish County Program Director. The Winter issue (#18) of The Polishing Stone presented an article by Jennifer Allen-Newton entitled "Transit-Oriented Development: Reinventing the Suburbs". Open for discussion: Exploring ideas such as better transit, bike paths, sidewalks, open spaces and community areas — seeking the benefits of Transit-Oriented Development.

Set up your own CommunityCONNECTIONS events

We invite readers and supporters who live in the Puget Sound area to join us each month; we encourage those of you who are not local to reach out and connect with your neighbors, friends and family to start your own community group. If you like our Community Connections model, we'd be happy to help you get rolling. I believe that creating a better world happens from the bottom up, one person at a time.

Why not use The Polishing Stone to help inspire that grassroots movement and also help support the work of other nonprofits, like Futurewise, that are working towards change? If you do start a Community Connections group, we'd love to hear about it and would like to share your stories. Positive change starts with one small point and expands outward — like ripples in a pond.

Connect with folks in your area:

From time to time we get a call from a reader seeking someone local to talk with, in those moments when it would help to run ideas about "refining the life you live into the life you love" by someone closer at hand. Not a consultant in any given field, necessarily - more of a co-traveler. If you'd like to offer your support to your neighbors, let us know. Should someone near you contact us, we'll give you a call. Thank you for all that you do...

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