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"If you want to find, don't search... become"

— Minna Kim

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Join us as we
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We've all been served up a world of fast and cheap, and the temptation to settle for that can be overwhelming. It has never been this hard to make a good choice. Yet close at hand and in the larger world, we find things that work: products designed with both solution and the earth in mind; authors and artisans who have honed their craft and added beauty to life; individuals who think clearly about industry, community, food and health; people who have insights about our lives and our spirits. We offer them to you, here.

The Polishing Stone is ad-free and non-profit, allowing us to call it exactly as we see it. We offer practical ways to add to quality of life. Best said by the renowned nutritionist Dr. Bernard Jensen, "It's not what you give up; it's what you take up that counts." You'll find stories of our own lives mingled with the facts, because these issues touch us where we live. Something magical happens at the intersection of information and emotions - between what we know and what we feel. When the head and the heart join forces change beckons, one small step at a time. (Read founding story...)

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Easing our Toxic Load
by Stef Frenzl
Last November, I went to my doctor after noticing a lump that had been growing at the base of my neck. Two days later, I went in for emergency surgery to remove a tumor the size of a grape. Fortunately, it was benign. That same month, I also learned that I had developed an autoimmune disorder related to my thyroid - all of this at the youthful age of 29... I can't help but wonder: What could have caused this? ... (read the complete article)

The Art of Making Overtures
by Patti Wipfler
When we're building bridges to someone else — our child, a sibling, a boss or someone who has become a thorn in our side — our effort needs to start with an overture. An organized, disciplined overture. A colleague, Jim, told me a lovely story. His elderly aunt survived a difficult childhood. She has always been a private, guarded person and has never spoken of some of the things Jim knows happened. He has dreamed of making it safe enough for her to be more open... (read the complete article)

Choosing Pasture-Fed Meat
by Dr. David Ramaley
I have found that the food choices I make for myself and my family have a large impact on my health and our environment. One important consideration in a person's diet is whether to eat meat and dairy products and, if so, what kind. I have chosen to eat meat since I believe that humans are omnivores and eating meat plays an integral role in maintaining health. Meat contains high-quality proteins and amino acids, as well as B and C vitamins. My choices have changed over the years as I have learned more about how animals are raised and what they are fed. In my experience, meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals are the healthiest choice... (read the complete article)

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